@GerryT @Niquarl @adnan360 @ctonysem Also see Plume and Writefreely for blogging (though I'd rather go IndieWeb for that use-case).

MissKey is another Pleroma-like microblogging service. Honk is a more minimal and lightweight alternative, written in Go.

Lemmy has ActivityPub but it isn't quite ready to federate; since Lemmy users typically follow communities/topics instead of individual users, it'll take some work to get Lemmy to interact with the rest of the Fediverse as smoothly as it should. It's also quite early in development.

@zen_ @Niquarl @GerryT @adnan360 @ctonysem

for a list of apps see the watchlist at:


And we are realy interested to hear about new server apps that are under development, if they are not on that list :)

Es fehlt noch Hubzilla.
Mike Kuketz ⭐ (@kuketzblog@social.tchncs.de)

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Facebook ist gerade down. Im Fediverse wäre das nicht passiert. Dort gibt es außerdem keinen Algorithmus, der Hass, Hetze und Sensation hervorhebt, um die Menschen möglichst lange auf der Plattform zu halten.



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