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Münchens Ex-OB Christian Ude im Interview

Ja der, der Linux in der Stadtverwaltung-IT mit LiMux einführen ließ. Plaudert sozusagen aus dem Nähkästchen.

#lesenswert #LiMux #Linux #München

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In my opinion, if the profile directory were to keep the hashtags functionality, the hashtags should be sourced from the "featured hashtags" feature instead of hashtags used in the bio text. Does that make sense?

@Gargron I voted for "no", because it makes sense that the profile directory associates me with the "city", "workplace" and other personal characteristics which are in the bio text. The "featured hashtags" makes sense for topics that I write about and are my interest.

Both types of hashtags (from bio and from feat. hashtags) make sense to be reflected in the profile directory. OR you introduce hidden featured hashtags that are not shown in the profile side bar, but in the profile directory.

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Hello current & potential #Taguette users! We're hoping y'all might take a brief ~5 min survey to help us get an idea of who you are & the features you want us to prioritize as we continue to develop 🖥️

Here's the survey (and feel free to share the link to any interested parties/networks!):

#floss #qualitativeResearch #qual

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We released LibreOffice 6.3 earlier today – check out this video for a quick overview of the great new features:


yepp, steht voll im Leben!

Ich wollte Dich kurz fragen, wie Deine Pläne mit sind. OTA-10 wird bald erscheinen und die Webkomponente scheint dann wohl recht robust zu sein. Auch mit OTA-9 funktioniert Mastodon im Browser schon performanter als in der App. Die App vergisst auch dauernd die Zugangsdaten (bzw. das aktive Login). An sich finde ich die App aber toll. Danke !


Thanks for the poll. My setup is actually Vanilla Gnome with 14 extensions. I still don't know why essential extensions are not per default included in Vanilla Gnome: DisplayButton, gTile, SuspendButton, WindowOverlayIcons.

When there is an update of Gnome, it is always sad to see that the extensions take months/forever to be compatible with the new Gnome version. Currently I am waiting for an update of ClipboardIndicator before I can update to Gnome 3.32.


Well, the explanation here sounds quite reasonable to me:

is another thing and makes lots of sense.

Celebration! is the first instance that has reached 10,000 connections to federated servers. See the screenshot.


It is amazing to see that the German email provider now uses Online offering it for free for its millions of users!

@libreoffice @erAck

Is microblogging in Esperanto Mikroblogo like @teslas_moustache says or Blogetado like @Vanege suggests?

@vortaro @Gargron

@vortaro @Gargron @Vanege
Thanks for your reply. Is it already in the up-to-date Plena Ilustrita Vortaro? (the term for Internet is in, which I suppose did not exist in 1906 🙂 ).

@vortaro @Gargron

Esperanto's dictionary / is developing well and there are clear rules. But what are the terms for:
* Mastodon
* Fediverse
* Microblogging

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Ab heute wird für Ubuntu Phones das Over-the-Air Update Version 9 verteilt. Natürlich sind wieder einige Neuerungen dabei! @UBports

Does anyone know what happened to the dashboards at ? The site showed many statistics and details of instances. The site seems to be down. Is there any alternative? used Grafana to show e.g. the user and statuses growth, the # of connections to other instances, and so forth.

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Designing posters with Krita, Scribus, and Inkscape - Graphic designers can do professional work with free and open source tools

In the linked article below we hear how Raghavendra Kamath, an Illustrator and open source enthusiast, went about using these tools to design posters for RMS's visit to Bangalore.

@fingolas Hi, hat eigentlich jemand Sawsan Chebli bereits auf Mastodon aufmerksam gemacht? as wäre gut neben @ulrichkelber auch andere relevante Personen im politischen Raum zum Umstieg zu bewegen.

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We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

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