If there is one thing I really like about this site and ones like it, it is that it does not attempt to make you addicted to it.

I already have a nasty addiction to some certain sites, and it is a breath of fresh air to be one and enjoy a social site where I'm not obsessively checking it at all times of the day. Feels nice.

@GestpenstR Yeah, I remember reading some toot/post/blog somewhere last year and it was an ethical choice to make it less addictive and with lots of control over it's use.
Also, if I remember correctly, it's why you couldn't see how many retweet or favourites something had gotten while browsing the TL until you clicked into the tweet. Although maybe on some apps that's different.

@GestpenstR this is something I don't like about Facebuck. I feel like that site sucks me in and leaves me feeling agitated and unhappy, whereas this place leaves me in a 'cooler' more reflective state.

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