i hate the word meatloaf and i hate how meatloaf looks and tbh fuck meatloaf and fuck casserole

the open nature of the fedi makes asking about specific things feel weird when you're used to a forum setting for that

on a forum you get structure and road signs that tells you exactly where you need to be for the thing you're looking for

on fedi you slide your house window open and yell your question thru a bullhorn

a fox trotting down the sidewalk at 4:20 in the morning yells back the answer

slowly achieving a perfect ball-shaped "computer usage" pose

Okay, you know what I still don't understand? Why so many people sign up on a new social network just to post someone else's porn. I understand sex workers (though they almost never act like that), but it's just random people dumping random porn. Not even trying to sell a service or advertise something. It seems so pointless.

i get a time machine and go share a fish dinner with Shakespeare

"this tastes like nothing," he remarks
i deck him in the face

considering playing on russian rust servers to learn to curse in russian like a pro

My mind goes weird places when i'm stressed out and at a drink and draw. #mastoart

To make room for the next batch I am dropping prices of a handful of items, like this little astronaut for example!

More at xxyxxyart.com

this is what i imagne every time i press toot on donphan.social

hey what's up everybody my name is ghostyspine and i'm a ghost with a spine
watch me do sick flips over the grand canyon


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