Jenna's makeup on day two of Coachella by José Antonio Figueroa. I like how the eyeliner matches her top. That's like a trend.

In her Instagram live today, floated the idea of maybe publishing her writings. Her English teacher had suggested that. It's her decision of course, but I just like it to be known that I'd love to read them.

Heads up: the film Saving Flora with Jenna Ortega will be released in Europe under another title: An Elephant's Journey. E.g. in the UK the DVD release is 25 March.

is going to star in season two of You on .

The secret to good casting? Simple: always cast Jenna Ortega. 😉

Less zooming necessary in this one


10/10 team with,, and more


is back filming on . She's also doing another project that she can't mention yet...

Finally seen all episodes of , which is a great series with great writing and acting. Ready to see more tv or film with the very talented . What she does well here, I think, is to take the comedy and infuse it with real emotions and intensity in a way that is more common in drama.