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So the android client doesn't work anymore because apparently requires a web presence for the client even for native apps. And that server has apparently been offline for >2 months, judging by the age of the github issue.

@dansup I don't see them federating with each other... 😉

(Or have you fixed that already?)

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theverge/voxmedia regarding cookies: "We are not responsible for the effectiveness of any such opt-out options"

Yes you are. I'll not be reading your site then.

Isn't it weird that we can distinguish between cubes and spheres without putting anything in our mouths?

All because of our amazing neural network and the training set we received as a baby.

A picture of Melody Perkins, found at She appeared in at least three of the Power Rangers series and had a major role in two of those. She was both a villain and a Power Ranger. Their best villain.

I recently subscribed to There wasn't anything there yet. I forgot to check whether anything has come in by now.

(Making fun of Usenet being virtually dead, not making fun about Melody. There should be more talk about Melody)

>What do you mean Usenet is not dead yet?

My €3,50/month 512MB server is now running two 's and a relay (and a database) with room to spare. What else should I put on it next? Peertube?

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Added a Terms of Service to this one person instance...

*checks ToS*
Yes, I'm allowed to post this

So many bots everywhere. Seems like everyone is a bot these days. Or maybe we are the bots and we've been lying to those captchas all this time?

@Gargron I tried (I count that as a yes), but we need more people and more hashtags before this works properly. Unless your looking for tech subjects...

If somehow, in an ethical and opt-in way, the directories can be combined with other servers... Maybe like the global directory in Friendica?

The concept of federated social media is better than having silos, but I don't think the pride that some have that this is somehow a better community is justified. I feel people can be shitty anywhere.

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Why does a strong female character in a tv show turn into a damsel in distress the moment she gets near a male lead?

And why, when all the men are wearing leather armour, does this other woman wear a nightie?

Tv producers should do better.

Anybody heard of Some celebs are moving to that as a way to restart social media. Their homepage says that your privacy is not for sale.

So how do they make their money?

By selling your privacy, I think. Judging by this text in their privacy policy section "How and When Do We Disclose Information to Third Parties?":

"Further, we may share your Device Identifiers with third parties along with data related to you and your activities".

That's not restarting, that's repeating.

Link to conversation about extreme sexual violence, IGTV 

When a grown man makes a death threat against a teenager, and Twitter may not even think that's against its rules.

BBC News - Greta Thunberg: Caroline Lucas reports Arron Banks to Twitter

Do you ever dream about travelling back in time and have a do-over of your youth now you know what you did wrong?

And do you also then realise that you'd make all the same mistakes again, because that's just how you are?

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