While Indy supporters focus on posting bullshit poems and pointless rants about how rude the media is the Loyalists, Unionists and all their mates are organised and systematically doing their damndest to shut down the social media accounts of as many Indy supporters as possible.
We need to fight back NOW or our voice is going to disappear into a pointless echo chamber and any notion of independence will be dead and gone.

Hats off to the photographer who took this picture of Sajid Javid. He's taking the complete piss out of him channelling his inner Gollum. Straight out of the dead, dark heart of Mordor that's the Tory party. Saor Alba #indyref2 #coinOfShame #myPrecious

“Rockets galore in Edinburgh tomorrow.

Jackson Carlaw threatens to "take down Nicola Sturgeon.

Standing Up for Scotland on brexit day. On 1st February Scots will rally at Holyrood to assert their right to leave the Brexited UK.”

The UK Union = Colonialism.
Colonialism = Racism.
Time this kleptocratic, disgraceful, ugly "union" was brought to an end. Now.

The UK Union = Colonialism.
Colonialism = Racism.
Time this kleptocratic, disgraceful, ugly "union" was brought to an end. Now.

Se "In-D-Car Gordon Ross - 17.1.20 -- A legal verification by the Scottish Attorney General" på YouTube

Petition · Scottish Parliament Corporate Body: Keep the European Flag flying at the Scottish Parliament · Change.org change.org/p/scottish-parliame

Unionist = British Nationalist. There's a lot of pain, inequality and horror in that world view. Anyone other than a bloviating shitgibbon would feel a lot of shame. Let her come to Scotland and tell us all how her bigger country won't allow our smaller one a vote on our future.


"Federalism is about solving a political problem for the Labour party in Scotland. It’s Labour in Scotland’s attempt to come up with a constitutional position that distances themselves from the hated Tories and the even more hated SNP."


Yet the Tories claim they are the low tax party ...... yeah when it comes to other fuckin Tories that's true

There’s nothing inherently important about the change of year, but it does have a psychological impact and provokes us to look forward.

This new year, let’s not look back as if the mess in the UK and US is our fate but forward, using the past only as a guide and not a master.

This year, let Scotland be free and America be redeemed. Let the good folks who can see the vile folly of this nostalgic slide stand up and firm, and bring those deceived by unthinking bias and avarice forward with us.

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