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Ginny McQueen 🌻 @GinnyMcQueen

have a great night here are #cats

Please ask for help when you need it. Don't ever let anyone shame you for needing/asking for help. There is nothing shameful about needing help.

Your health and safety is more important than false ideas of social standing.

If I didn't ask for and accept help from people, I wouldn't be alive right now. I'm still far from okay, but I wouldn't be here.

Help others as much as you can. Ask for help when you need to. We are in this together.



Exposure is oxygen to creators. If you keep us to yourselves, we wither and die.

A Ginny no le gustan los Eagles.

Hotel California is a terrible song.

@ninks Beggars can't be choosers, mate.

How many more nudes until there are enough?

@GinnyMcQueen yeah i moved to la recently and got like no friends here so im just haulin my ass around brentwood/santa monica gettin misgendered its great. any advice on where the cool people hang?

@PunkFairyAlex I don't mess with the west side. I'm in Atwater Village and only go as far west as Hollywood unless I'm being paid. 😂

I really hope something good happens today. 🍀

@tcql Why don't they have sphincters?