Are any of you old enough to remember when we had websites in the 90's and we had those groups that would all link to each other. Like, if you had a Sailor Moon site, you'd put the linky thing on your site and it would cross-promote other Sailor Moon sites that were part of that group?

WTF was that called? WHAT IS THE WORD I CAN'T THINK OF?!



Okay, so like webrings but for Patreon. We need to do that.

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I send out a newsletter every week, and would happily include links to other creators in it to spotlight as well.

@GinnyMcQueen Down with this plan, but can we also include non-patreon-based artists/projects? (Yeah, I'm selfish and want in, but don't have a Patreon because it'd take too much extra time/energy investment on top of everything else I'm already doing.)

@Winneganfake I have no idea of logistics as it's just a random thought I had. 😊 But I don't see why not.

@GinnyMcQueen Sorry, mixed up Patreon and Mastodon. NEARLY the same vocals XD

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