The Life Cycle Of The Pond Dragon.

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@matera You never know!! And even if they don't you might still get wondrous things like frogs and dragonflies.

@Gizzle They do show up now and then, and toads. The nearest permanent water (not counting bird baths) is about a mile away.

The big hole I dug last year doesn't hold water long, but it stays wet enough to grow plants that might not like higher parts of the yard. It sure does fill up in a heavy rain with my sump pump spewing away besides. 😃

@matera It sounds like you have a little nature oasis there! That all sounds so lovely. I bet the frogsong is really nice during the night as well :blobmiou:

And toads! That's really cool!!

@Gizzle The singing frogs are way too far away to hear, but the dawn birds kick up a ruckus.

My yard is pretty wild, dedicated to birds and bees, with black raspberries growing wherever they please.

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