Uh? I'm still following the same people than a week ago but now my Startpage is empty. Oo

Local/global timeline still work and messages are also there, just the Startpage is empty. ...Complete with "Your start page is empty!" hint.

What gives?

#ForgeFed update 🙂

Repos are #ActivityPub actors. There's now an activity type called Push, and such an activity can published automatically whenever you push new commits into a repo. In Vervis, I implemented this for Git, not yet for Darcs.

What remains for the demo:

- Implement following (WIP, almost done)
- Darcs support (TODO if not too much work)

I hope to get this done very soon ^_^

Btw, happy autumn 🍁


Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!


Our project has many contributors, and we'd like to take a moment to recognize a few!

- @brainblasted wrote our readme

- @hellcp joined our team and created Fred, our red panda mascot and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @trwnh joined our team and has made many contributions like refactoring the docs, triaging issues/pull requests and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @oct2pus helped us move from an MIT to AGPL license

- @kaiyou added docker support

Thank you to all contributors!

this toot travels near the speed of light to bring you big news:

Pixelfed actually federates now. We did it folks.

Heeey y'all, I'm Nebu and I'm a freelance artist who just graduated the International School of Comics in Rome! I draw either traditional and digital art, often with my favorite werewolf OC, Seluna, in it :D

You can find me on:
:twitter: : twitter.com/chaoticnebu
:instagram: : instagram.com/chaoticnebbs
my facebook page: facebook.com/nebusdoodles

I did the cover of Gjidorah: The Three Headed Monster for this awesome Criterion Godzilla collection! Check it out!

#mastoart #fediart

I did my first star trek commission/instance art for @guinan !
@tenforward.social is also where I set up my first mastodon profile, so feels extra special
#mastoart #commission #startrek

Drew an assortment of polliwoglins to practice my digital inking.

Pixelfed hid like counts then a few weeks later Instagram did.

Pixelfed allows you to hide comments, Twitter is starting to experiment with that too.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot more experiments to ship that will further improve platform privacy, safety and security!

is the best thing ever! :D Those critters are all so precious.

*designing a robot's eyes*

first scientist: "and i'm putting in some red LEDs, so that if it goes rogue we'll know"

second scientist: "why not just make it so that it automatically shuts down if it goes rogue"

first scientist: "fuck you"

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