A year ago, the only person who knew the name of the project besides @dansup was @yabirgb the @anfora developer.

Some might see us as competitors, we see it differently.

Together Anfora and Pixelfed are working to build fediverse features like Federated Filters, Live Streaming and Stories.

It's better when you work together.

:mastoart:•ART will never serve you ads, track you, sell your data, or charge you to use our site. But there are still costs related to running one of the largest artistic communities on Mastodon, and we rely on the generous support of our users to keep the lights on.

If you have the means and inclination, you can support us in two ways:

:patreon: patreon.com/MastoArt

:liberapay: liberapay.com/masto-art

Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

On disability and unintended, dehumanizing ableism behind some common compliments and advice.

I am not here to inspire you.

Yooooo! Eldritch Café celebrates its first year today!
I got the opportunity to draw a little something for the instance (since that's, well, where I post the most about my life and stuff)!
Here's what shows up instead of the lil' Mastodon mascot, it's the instance's Familier!

#mastoart #creativetoots

Pixelfed will be a year old in a few days.

I'm a high school dropout that has never taken any CS or computer classes.

Web development is just a hobby of mine, I work in the auto industry.

I'm so proud of this project, I never would have imagined that I could make something like this.

Thank you for helping me realize credentialism isn't so important as you think. ❤️ :pixelfed:

Keep + insomnia is great for ideation at like four AM, haha.

I’m waiting until I have 100 to start giving them stats and detailed descriptions beyond my rough first thoughts. About 25 down so far.

#ttrpg #bestiary

She is more competent than most adults in position of power. Greta Thunberg is going places, she knows what's in store for us if we do not change our energy policies and won't accept it. All that at 16 years of age.

She, ladies and gentlemen, is someone I want to see in a leading position in the future.


⚠️ 🚧 ❗
If you run a pixelfed instance, please update ASAP.
⚠️ 🚧 ❗

The earlier you update the better, some major refactors and new features will be released in the next few days.

Running the post-deployment commands are essential after every update docs.pixelfed.org/master/deplo

(Boosts appreciated 😁)

Hello there!

I (@eliotberriot) have been working on the redesign of our website (currently funkwhale.audio).

I'd like to have your feedback regarding this redesign, especially on the content/copy/accessibility/bugs.

The new version lives at next.funkwhale.audio/

You can share the feedback here or on governance.funkwhale.audio/d/z.

Thank you so much for your help, boosts appreciated!

(don't mind the cat images, some illustrations are coming to replace those ;)

When we write programs, we are writing instructions that the computer will follow.

Computers are very literal -- they will take our instructions and follow them exactly, but we must lay them out in a very detailed way so that they understand us.


If you want to show #PeerTube to friends but you're worried about NSFW videos appearing on the front page, you could try showing them this instance:


A couple of other safe interesting instances too:

VidCommons: a collection of creative commons and public domain films

Blender: the official PeerTube instance for the Blender foundation, including their films

One Mammoth of a Job: An Interview with Eugen Rochko of Mastodon

One Mammoth of a Job: An Interview with Eugen Rochko of Mastodon wedistribute.org/2018/07/inter

Just to emphasise, the battle isn't over about #Article13:


"But there’s also opportunities for the courts to rein in the Directive – or even throw out its worst articles entirely. ... Article 13 is meant to be compatible with the older E-Commerce Directive, which explicitly forbids any requirement to proactively monitor for IP enforcement (a provision that was upheld and strengthened by the ECJ in 2011)."

This could take many years to happen with many possible twists.

Did the European Parliament just outlaw the only Europe-made social network with ?

Wir wollen den als lebendigen Standort in unserem Bezirk für die kulturelle Nutzung erhalten! Gemeinsam mit der SPD haben wir deshalb zur nächsten (Mi., 27.03.) drei rot-rote Initiativen vorbereitet, die das sicherstellen sollen.

Instead of giving people shit for not including image descriptions, write an image description in the replies. It's better than nothing and by and far more productive than just giving a stranger shit on the internet.

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