I used Blender 2.72 until yesterday and then tried out 2.81.
And holy cow is the UI more friendly and usable now! Like 300% more usable for a Blender noob like me!
Very well done, @blender

I think it's kinda weird that the president of the US gets to stay on Twitter after threatening war crimes and cyberbullying children because his tweets are "of public interest" but the president of Syria gets banned...

Not that I'm sympathetic, but it does seem hypocritical and highlights the issues with social media that's controlled by a single US company. Why do they get to enforce their own interests worldwide?

Boost this if you think that Mastodon is better than Twitter

PSA: pixelfed.org is in the process of launching a new instance picker.

You may notice some new domains we are now using or will be using in the future that include:

- joinpixelfed.org
- pixelfed.io
- pixelfed.com
- pixelfedcdn.com

👉 beta.joinpixelfed.org

Funnily, both our female players created male characters this time around. 8) So the party is just dudes... and the mushroom.

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There's a dwarven barbarian who's rage is more pride than fury. When raging, he turns into a majestic deer. 🦌

Then we have an lizardfolk drugdealer (alchemist). He's very pacifist and wants to help people.

There's the fungus-leshy (mushroom creature) cleric of Pharasma, the circle-of-life-goddess. Who would know that circle better than a mushroom that feeds on rotting matter?

Then there's a human cleptomanic monk. Wants to punch people or take their stuff - and be perfect at it!

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I'm planning the new campaign of our RPG group.
We moved from Pathfinder to Pathfinder 2e for this and it's already fun before the campaign even started. XD

Character creation is soooo much easier now and was done in around 1 hour for 4 characters. The players used an app but still the actual decisions were much easier to make and simpler done.

And there are some fun characters now. Just one player has yet to make his char.

Tomorrow our RPG group will play the final session of our Pathfinder Adventure Path.

I think we played that AP for maybe 5 years. XD With a year long gap in between and meeting up every month when time allowed it. (Adult life is hard!)

It's still unreal that we will finish it but I'm exited for tomorrows session!

Did you know that you can create multiple choice polls in Mastodon by clicking on the circles next to options (turning them to squares) when drafting the poll?

Uh? I'm still following the same people than a week ago but now my Startpage is empty. Oo

Local/global timeline still work and messages are also there, just the Startpage is empty. ...Complete with "Your start page is empty!" hint.

What gives?

#ForgeFed update 🙂

Repos are #ActivityPub actors. There's now an activity type called Push, and such an activity can published automatically whenever you push new commits into a repo. In Vervis, I implemented this for Git, not yet for Darcs.

What remains for the demo:

- Implement following (WIP, almost done)
- Darcs support (TODO if not too much work)

I hope to get this done very soon ^_^

Btw, happy autumn 🍁


Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!


Our project has many contributors, and we'd like to take a moment to recognize a few!

- @brainblasted wrote our readme

- @hellcp joined our team and created Fred, our red panda mascot and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @trwnh joined our team and has made many contributions like refactoring the docs, triaging issues/pull requests and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @oct2pus helped us move from an MIT to AGPL license

- @kaiyou added docker support

Thank you to all contributors!

this toot travels near the speed of light to bring you big news:

Pixelfed actually federates now. We did it folks.

Heeey y'all, I'm Nebu and I'm a freelance artist who just graduated the International School of Comics in Rome! I draw either traditional and digital art, often with my favorite werewolf OC, Seluna, in it :D

You can find me on:
:twitter: : twitter.com/chaoticnebu
:instagram: : instagram.com/chaoticnebbs
my facebook page: facebook.com/nebusdoodles

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