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So my instance is now up and runing so i am taking my leave.

So within a week my own instance will be fully operational. I choose to go with mastohost for my new instance as exam and school is going to take up to much of my time. So i won't be able to get in to setting up an instance from scratch and maintaining it while probably the most important time of my life yet is just around the corner. been fun here on, but it's my time to leave. also shout out to my mom for giving me the funds to cover first month of renting mastohost.

So my journey on is soon coming to an end. I am planning to create a new instance my self. Looking forward to it

Shamless plugg. 

Good news: If companies don't protect your private data, it will cost them: 😃

Tutanota is among the top players that respect your privacy. Learn here how we can help you protect your business emails in compliance with the GDPR:

Opps what's up here?

Duckduckgo now started to send a request to "" on each search request including: The search term, the country and some other information.

The good news is that they have a document about it:

Make up your own mind about it. "Privacy by design" is their statement. Do you think that's privacy by design? uBlock Origin decided to cancel those requests on my side.

#duckduckgo #experiment #tracking

So winds podcast and RSS reader its okay. but it got some problems

-simple and easy
-god RSS reader
-has all the podcast i listen too
-Open-source and free

-a bit slow
-Do not auto refresh, so you need to manual refresh the program to get new stuff.
-You need to re login to the app if you close it.
-comes with auto added.podcast and RSS sites.
-You need an account
-choosing a podcast to listen is a bit weird and confusing
-No darkmode

So i guess i need to push my review of winds to monday as my step mom have now taken over the office which means she will watch some bad dram series and i have no intrerest in listening to that and sunday is more or less fully booked.

My winds mini review must wait as i am not home and islts 01.32am here I Norway.

So my new battery for the LG V20 came today since the original started to die a lot and it was expanding so it wasn't really that safe to use. I am so glad LG kept the option of hotswaping batterys in the V20 some of you old school android poweruser might remember this feature. The lg Also seems very easy to fix . so i might fix the screen my self. Too

Gonna be trying out winds. The free and open source RSS reader and podcast player. So far the ui is great, clean and modern. I am looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.

So my stepdad have started to but fresh bread and oh my does it taste really good

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