The latest version of Deepin looks really nice! Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it more lightweight than Gnome? And are there any Ubuntu based OS that uses Deepin Desktop Environment 15.8?

Deepin is a bit om the heavy side. I belive a bit heavier then standard gnome. The only distro with deepin based on Ubuntu as i remember is directly from deepin them self on Deepin OS, but i wouldn't trust their store as it has happend shady stuff about the store before. Last time I used deepin was on Manjaro and I know that Deepin is the flagship DE on RebornOS both being Arch based.

@Glectonzo Thanks! Deepin OS is based on Debian AFAIK. The store stuff was just them using a chinese analytics firm, which they stopped using, or was there something else?

I belive you are correct but it's stil a bit shady and can happend again. I do recommend testing deepin om RebornOS which is a fork of Antergos. Reborn OS has a great and friendly community. I used deepin for a few monthes before I went back to kde and then back to deepin for a week back to kde and now i am rocking gnome for the past month. I dont really like ubuntu based OS as they most likely will use snaps which I hate since they are slow as a snail.

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