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Open Food Facts is a food products database made by everyone, for everyone.

You can use it to make better food choices, and as it is open data, anyone can re-use it for any purpose.

I really hope that will be ported to . I would buy an M2 Mac Mini in an instant, if I could use Linux on it.

I’m really enjoying reading through Star Trek Adventures. The whole experience tries to as immersive as possible, which is surprisingly rare with pen & paper RPGs.

isn’t just for embedded systems, but for every field in programming. There are so many programmers that don’t care how much they use or how much needs to be bought. Why do I need a gaming PC to watch without it stuttering, lagging, and getting out of sync with the audio? Because doesn’t need to be efficient apparently. Sadly, this whole “bottom line” thinking is also prevalent in .

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If you’re claiming that C is outdated, then you definitely not someone who develops embedded systems. 😉

You could even learn web programming in a fun way, by making custom mods for your game.

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Foundry VTT seems to be very interesting. It’s a lightweight, modular, self-hosted online virtual tabletop. Only the GM needs to buy a licence, so it’s considerably cheaper than Fantasy Grounds or Roll20. It’s biggest advantage is the easy modding API. There are countless great mods, from rule sets to 3rd party integrations (World Anvil, dndbeyond, Dungeondraft, etc.).

The irony of the Castle is that it was inspired by the Castle, which is a romanticised version of a medieval castle to begin with. So in true Disney fashion, they made a copy of a copy...

I wonder if it would be easier to learn after , rather than beforehand. Many concepts in C only really make sense, if you know Assembly and how the hardware works underneath. It definitely helps to refresh your C knowledge after learning Assembly, at least.

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