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Anyone here going to Podcast Movement in PA later this month?

I'd love to meet and say HI!

have been listening to Carreyrou audiobook on Theranos: Bad Blood

interesting detail on corporate corruption and how long it can persist within an organization


Since everyone is asking, I'll answer here and hope people can see this:
- Node colors mean communities found with the modularity measure (e.g. blue instances are mostly japanese ones)
- Node sizes mean number of connections, not number of users

Full PDF:

I've played in bands
I've led bands

Gimme 3 high school brass sections...

... and I'll deliver a knockout halftime presentation at your next football game.


I'd want to plug into the stadium sound, too. Lights optional.

dealing with data...

from a live RSS feed:

mp4 != text/plain

Why to IndieWeb?
I’m a blogger. Been one from 2004. Over the years I have created a lot of content and across multiple platforms. However, when I look back, not all of my content can be found or is even online anymore. It is not a good feeling when you realize that something you have created is no… ...

trying to suss out why one process (sometimes) causes another process to "stutter"... leading to a downward spiral of stacked up requests...

This weeks 360 video is a quick drive around The Basilica of Saint Clotilde. Near the end of the video robbie ran into a curb pretty hard and messed up his gyroscope calibration. If you watch robbie at the end (look down in the video) you can see that it isn't going in a straight line.

I post new 360 videos every Wednesday.
If you want to support more 360 tourism or the things I do I have a patreon:

And ooktech's site is

"Caught exception: Matrix is singular "

been one of those days

I'm disappointed in the lack of and evident these days...

...but not surprised.

We are engaged in a world that METHODICALLY DULLS OUR SENSES. It takes effort to overcome that momentum.