What does it really mean these days to be educated?
Things more too quickly not to be a lifetime learner. We should be focusing more and more on learning strategies, incorporating methods of updating what we know.

It should be easy, if nor effortless to coast the wave of of a field as it progresses. We need a recipe for universal education, one that incorporates networks of knowledge...

in browser, dev tools, network... can I turn off the distracting "Drop HAR files here"?

"Media has allowed and encouraged these kinds of relationships for decades"

Creators are complicit IF they make their personal lives a material part of their content.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, AP is really just a crossgrade from OStatus in terms of real security

the addressing is nice but side effects from using the addressing are underspecified

when it comes to security, underspecification is the devil's workshop

I've came across the #Ologies podcast. It's a podcast where Alie Ward (the host) takes a different -ology (e.g. Corvid Thanatology - crow funerals) and interviews a scientist (or similar) who knows about said ology. I'm really enjoying it!

I can recommend based on the ones I've listened to. I'm starting from the beginning and are making my way through the backlog :)


"The more Charles Barkley and I talked, I realized just how close he and my dad were. Barkley knew so much about me and my life — even though this was the first time he and I had ever talked."

15 minute podcast segment


long watches on the creek from a low angle...
quite satisfying...

The young woman thought carefully before speaking to the Genie.

"I wish to understand anything I read, no matter the language."

"Your wish is granted."

"I wish for the ability to summon any written work."

"Your wish is granted."

"And I wish to be able to transcribe all that I learn."

"Your wish is granted."

Alexandria took a deep breath. It's not every century a library is reborn with a will of its own. There was so much to rebuild.

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