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A TEST: Can you put religion aside for a moment and appreciate the simple beauty of this music?

"An Assyrian girl and priest interpret a profound melody" in Aramaic

songs edition

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the good song is RAZORMAN
the bass whaps it out and spins it in your face. & the chords

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the good song is NEON
it's. JOYOUS. playful and huge and, sad.

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the good song is LOVE AT THE END
upsetting, desperate vocals, staggering harmony, enormity

I vaguely recall, but it does seem that were named back in the day...

The Sunshine Special



Most people don't know that rabbits THINK they have the power of INVISIBILITY.

Yes, if uncertain an approaching animal is friend or foe, it will generally go into CLOAK mode and try to ride out the threat by being very, very still. They THINK they are invisible!

Hidden from view.

Only at the last second will they give up and run off. They blame the failure on their nose twitching.

Speaking of ...

@chr I think that's why the Kids Today™ all talk about Docker, that and/or they have appalling fashion sense.

But then, if I'm ever threatened with being shot or forced to be a sysadmin again, I'd take the shot.

I DO NOT understand the thinking of dog owners who pick up the poop

and drop it by the sidewalk

for someone else to dispose of...

Swimming in a River

Just off the highway was a place that rented summer “tourist cabins” along the banks of the river.

Sleeping in a Cave

"Sitting in the cool and gazing into the darkness, we decided it was IMPERATIVE for us to return, better prepared, and SPEND THE NIGHT there!"



that are meaningful.

I like the concept.

July 4 would be just another day...

UNCHANGED for millennia, given a TRIAL

a new course of fate?

conditions have IMPROVED markedly
beyond the

So today I discovered Peek. Very slick screen capture tool that will also save directly to gif.