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I like yet think it has some challenges

It feels more fragmented than federated,
international is both problem and opportunity,
needs single sign on if intend to join several instances

much potential

@GluedToTheScreen You're not necessarily intended to join several instances, as you should reach the other instances just fine from your instance (server blocks being the exception, only 3 servers are fully suspended from M.s). If you do join several, it's often because you want different identities.

You can filter out languages in your settings, if the myriad of languages become an issue.


huh... how do I browse another instance from here? It was my understanding that joining was required (unless you are just following a specific person).

Languages... filtering is one approach, I was thinking more of an INLINE TRANSLATION option. It would be interesting to "talk to" and make friends with people even though we don't speak each other's lang.

@GluedToTheScreen You can't necessarily read the local timeline, if that's what you're after. But that's kinda the point.
You can connect with other servers through the Federated Timeline. :)

GluedToTheScreen @GluedToTheScreen


I thought the federated timeline only included posts from "external" users who are being followed by "internal" users.

The federated timeline is not a firehose of ALL instances, right? It is "by invitation only"... or that was my understanding.

Please DO correct me if I am wrong.

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