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I've played in bands
I've led bands

Gimme 3 high school brass sections...

... and I'll deliver a knockout halftime presentation at your next football game.


I'd want to plug into the stadium sound, too. Lights optional.

dealing with data...

from a live RSS feed:

mp4 != text/plain

for those interested in the space.... here's some info about common hosting domains in the UK, AU, BR

I'm disappointed in the lack of and evident these days...

...but not surprised.

We are engaged in a world that METHODICALLY DULLS OUR SENSES. It takes effort to overcome that momentum.

Most fish show patterns
small marks
of the individual
among the many

Being different
in the tank.

"Not new to society,
snarking has become popular again in our current culture."

(Hoping people don't view it as spam as has been suggested...)

[true story]

Dear Son,

About that time 4 years ago?

When I kept asking about strange internet connections and had to keep fiddling with the routers?

And was SO upset when I later found your fancy new monitor?

And you couldn't understand why?

Love, Dad