and the box w/Users This Week? are they NEW users or what?

@TheAdmin cool, yet Active greater than Users?

seems backwards (or please tell me definitions)

Daily Source Code by @adam
referenced the enclosure tag within its RSS feed, making it the first podcast...

...14 years ago yesterday.

WATCH this expert percussionist demonstrate rhythms following a progression

outstanding. I can read music but couldn't keep up after only a few time signature changes.

just press Play...

Anyone here going to Podcast Movement in PA later this month?

I'd love to meet and say HI!

I'm curious... what CMS are you using (if any)?

the real question is, does it handle both https and dat (or how does that work)?

have been listening to Carreyrou audiobook on Theranos: Bad Blood

interesting detail on corporate corruption and how long it can persist within an organization


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