"The more Charles Barkley and I talked, I realized just how close he and my dad were. Barkley knew so much about me and my life — even though this was the first time he and I had ever talked."

15 minute podcast segment


@b9AcE ha!

I picture the fediverse as pipeworks within the internet tubes.

have you ever checked out Hubzilla?

@b9AcE each connection bound by that older protocol or a newer one... with varying message length/security/delivery.

@ajroach42 heh... kermit... blast from the past.

go Vaxen and Rudolf!

long watches on the creek from a low angle...
quite satisfying...

The young woman thought carefully before speaking to the Genie.

"I wish to understand anything I read, no matter the language."

"Your wish is granted."

"I wish for the ability to summon any written work."

"Your wish is granted."

"And I wish to be able to transcribe all that I learn."

"Your wish is granted."

Alexandria took a deep breath. It's not every century a library is reborn with a will of its own. There was so much to rebuild.

@Gargron I noticed it, too. Several times today!

It happens now and then, just like some days seem to go extraordinarily well for no discernible reason.

My old grandma, a farm woman, always put stock in the phase of the moon being at least one factor for anything. YMMV

Who knows?

"...the most powerful and empowering audiences are self-aware..." -Matthew Lasar

thoughts on the post-“ is Dead” era

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