in browser, dev tools, network... can I turn off the distracting "Drop HAR files here"?

"mastodon is crumbling" hit piece bullshit 

While I appreciate the art,
the tedium would drive ME insane

in short order

OR maybe just get zoned, listen to , and draw.

@jamescridland I was thinking more globally and options for any provider, in general.

BBC ~should~ provide access to those who (already!) pay, of course, since they're the ones funding that whole enterprise.

@jamescridland everyone? everyone but only on that platform? everyone who has paid for it?

@jamescridland another gambit might be to have an early access window for closed platform prior to general release

"Media has allowed and encouraged these kinds of relationships for decades"

Creators are complicit IF they make their personal lives a material part of their content.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, AP is really just a crossgrade from OStatus in terms of real security

the addressing is nice but side effects from using the addressing are underspecified

when it comes to security, underspecification is the devil's workshop

I've came across the #Ologies podcast. It's a podcast where Alie Ward (the host) takes a different -ology (e.g. Corvid Thanatology - crow funerals) and interviews a scientist (or similar) who knows about said ology. I'm really enjoying it!

I can recommend based on the ones I've listened to. I'm starting from the beginning and are making my way through the backlog :)

@dogtrax Nice.

YOU are that Good Neighbor everybody talks about.

The Fediverse appreciates your real-world kindness.

"The more Charles Barkley and I talked, I realized just how close he and my dad were. Barkley knew so much about me and my life — even though this was the first time he and I had ever talked."

15 minute podcast segment


@b9AcE ha!

I picture the fediverse as pipeworks within the internet tubes.

have you ever checked out Hubzilla?

@b9AcE each connection bound by that older protocol or a newer one... with varying message length/security/delivery.

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