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Sorting Visualizations

(submitted by infodroid)

at core
too many have lost
for the sacredness of .

prayers for the families
and the future.

"Not new to society,
snarking has become popular again in our current culture."

(Hoping people don't view it as spam as has been suggested...)


do not attempt to adjust your dial... this is only a test.


an interesting category.

are you referring to Youtube videos or archived/private collections?

it would be a unique PUBLIC resource, too, but I wonder about all the licensing issues that would follow...

however, my PERSONAL reason is to explore Mastodon, the platform... not necessarily for social reasons.

I am a technical. As part of my project, I'm considering using Mastodon as an underlying component.

@sydneyfalk so.. my response to "why are you here" was just a quick shortcut so I didn't have to type what I was into... thinking development...

... not personal.


to all: I apologize. Somehow, my response was not correct... and comes from JUMPING into a convo as I did.

I thought it was a GENERAL question about mastodon adoption... not necessarily a PERSONAL question.

@nightpool @bea

sorry you see it as spam... most of the articles linked are to somewhat detailed industry things

or photos

look back

@nightpool @sydneyfalk @bea
well, I've actually posted here quite a bit... and it IS my online persona.

When did you start making such rules for other people?

@sydneyfalk @bea

Actually, YOU probably represent a fair size segment of the "audience". Just guessing.

So, feel free to speak up!