@mala blast from the past,PRIMOS. Had interesting database-like features or variable-length records or something like that? Many years ago.

What does it really mean these days to be educated?
Things more too quickly not to be a lifetime learner. We should be focusing more and more on learning strategies, incorporating methods of updating what we know.

It should be easy, if nor effortless to coast the wave of of a field as it progresses. We need a recipe for universal education, one that incorporates networks of knowledge...

in browser, dev tools, network... can I turn off the distracting "Drop HAR files here"?

"mastodon is crumbling" hit piece bullshit 

"... forming a false narrative out of decontextualized and partial truths, with nothing to counter it..."

Actually, that seems like the problem with media, politics, business, journalism, government, ...

While I appreciate the art,
the tedium would drive ME insane

in short order

OR maybe just get zoned, listen to , and draw.

@jamescridland I was thinking more globally and options for any provider, in general.

BBC ~should~ provide access to those who (already!) pay, of course, since they're the ones funding that whole enterprise.

@jamescridland everyone? everyone but only on that platform? everyone who has paid for it?

@jamescridland another gambit might be to have an early access window for closed platform prior to general release

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