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"...the most powerful and empowering audiences are self-aware..." -Matthew Lasar

thoughts on the post-“ is Dead” era

@admin on mastodon, your icon has not been updated... still the old one

I am testing ActivityPub connection between and instances...

Does any dev here know when Mastodon UPDATES THE PROFILE ICON of a remote follow?

Mastodon retrieves the image on first connect. If the REMOTE ACCOUNT changes their icon, when will the local copy be updated?

"the architecture of the podcast is the precise antidote for the flaws of the present. It is deep where now is shallow."

I wonder whether pays for their ads in the Daily, which tells listeners in Australia about some new show on a US TV network? Do they get Aussie listeners free?

@deadsuperhero hi, I found your Hubzilla writeup... very helpful, thanks!

Wondering if you have links to any other Hubzilla resources (beyond the doc), in particular about THEMES? any details helpful

thanks again. take care.

Jimmy Stewart in ‘The Philadelphia Story’, on NOT embracing a drunk and amorous Hepburn:

“You were extremely attractive, and as for distant and forbidding, on the contrary. But you also were a little the worse—or the better—for wine, and there are rules about that.”


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