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GluedToTheScreen @GluedToTheScreen

"I have seen clear a fence twice as tall as them with a single hop. No running start. Just jump. It looks like it happens in slow motion and with room to spare. Spiking it on the other side with their springy legs. They seem to have a little attitude about it, like elite gymnasts."

"an insatiable need to know how things worked or fit together. Initially, this meant taking things apart. I left a trail behind."

Taking Things Apart

"It was a durable cookie; you could put one in your back pocket and it would be fine hours later when hunger set in"

Barefoot by Choice

"In the summertime, the ground was dry and hot. Even though the soles of our feet would become like leather, we still had to be aware of where we stepped. There were many dangerous obstacles."


"Dad said I could drive until I got tired or ran out of gas. He also told me not to hit the tree, then climbed off the tractor as it was moving, and walked back to the house."

Kids on Motor Scooters

"Grandpa smiled slightly, clinching a cigar and drooling a little spittle down his cheek. I never saw him actually light or smoke a cigar, but he was seldom not chewing on one. Of the old German tradition, he rarely showed emotion. This was him being proud and happy."


"I was handling a small .22 rifle around the farm before I was in first grade."


ha! not easy still, I'm sure... wasn't trying to put you down.

I worked with a few people several DECADES ago. It was mostly firmware. Bitwise manipulation in hex. Device drivers in assembly. C came later, I think.

now, IoT... and just getting started.


too cool!

had no idea... something along these lines, I assume:

embedded work used to require some pretty rarefied skillz

Curious... Is js running in an embedded browser on the device? Or native?


how does that sensation manifest itself?

I've always put it off until I had an actual reason to upgrade. Never picked up any vibes to do it sooner.