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for those interested in the biz aspect of ,

you should check out the New Media Show... today 9am PT, noon ET (video)

just Todd Cochran of Blubrry and Rob Greenlee of Spreaker talking about the industry. it's a good show

any interest in the space?

…a meandering look at the death of RSS and MP3, the podcasting industry, and ways both technology and human behavior affect industry growth rates.


4 web streams on interactive VIZdex timelines
- Wikipedia revisions
- YouTube uploads
- GitHub new repos
- Bitcoin transactions

Podcasting, as a medium, speaks well enough to appeal to an audience made up of an ethnically-representative slice of the country.

Not by plan, not by mandate. Through a natural appeal between personal content created and content personally consumed.

if anyone here is at Podcast Movement, let's say Hi!