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@staticsafe Nothing more representative of the hacker spirit that discussing funding companies on a board sponsored by an investment company! So innovative, subversive!

Most fish show patterns
small marks
of the individual
among the many

Being different
in the tank.

checking your instances website... what is the OBS column?

I saw from the source it looks at obs_score... but what is that?

I want to set a cron job in my thermostat to repost this every few months

new podcasters...
if you don't know about Dave Winer and podcasting
give a listen to the recent Internet History Podcast episode

at core
too many have lost
for the sacredness of .

prayers for the families
and the future.

however, my PERSONAL reason is to explore Mastodon, the platform... not necessarily for social reasons.

I am a technical. As part of my project, I'm considering using Mastodon as an underlying component.