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the coyotes were HOWLING en force at 5:30 this morning...


That’s something audiences have come to yearn for, finding less satisfaction in old line mass media and first pass social networks.

may be the one medium that best addresses this very real situation. Audiences are growing."

Last day in Hanoi.

The student who is working with me invited me to his family home for dinner. Four generations living together. Food served delicately. Stories.

Afterwards we lit incense for his grandfather and great grandfather at a family shrine, and offered our prayers to each. He explained to me that he is atheist, as I am.

But remembering who we come from is to pause and think and honour our own mortality, and our loved ones.

@christy I don't use the local timeline, I think I've made my own instance-like sense of smaller community by following.

But I've been wondering how it would feel to have a stronger sense of instance identity. At the moment I feel more like a node.

@staticsafe Nothing more representative of the hacker spirit that discussing funding companies on a board sponsored by an investment company! So innovative, subversive!

checking your instances website... what is the OBS column?

I saw from the source it looks at obs_score... but what is that?

I want to set a cron job in my thermostat to repost this every few months

new podcasters...
if you don't know about Dave Winer and podcasting
give a listen to the recent Internet History Podcast episode

at core
too many have lost
for the sacredness of .

prayers for the families
and the future.

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