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Have you
Have you heard
Have you heard the
Have you heard the one
Have you heard the one about
Have you heard the one about traceroute?

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360,443 accounts
+291 in the last hour
+15,463 in the last day
+210,850 in the last week
912 active instances

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Okay then. Open Camera it is. Default camera app causes issues. Interesting.

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....Need to figure out a fix for all of these being sideways >.>

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We are on the verge of 200k users. . .organically. . .with nearly 150k of those in the last 8 or so days. . .I think it is safe to say that "extinction" talk was grossly premature.

Went to the store. I now have mountain dew and cookies, came home to the printer still running fine, and all is right with the world :D (My little part of it anyway ;P)

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