About to watch my very favorite movie in the theater, the pivotal 1979 film “Alian”

Movie update: we’ve just been listening to songs while this is up on the screen for the last ten minutes, previews were supposed to start ten minutes ago, uhhh


@checkervest I love movies, indeed I actually worked a summer as a projectionist at a drive-in, and married a TV movie reviewer!

All that said, I stopped going to the movies because of this garbage you are dealing with tonight.

I'll just buy the DVD and enjoy it for life, with my own popcorn!

@GoatsLive there is something I really enjoy about being in a theater full of other people, all responding to the same film. It’s lovely to sit and feel the people around you reacting to a film the same time you are

It’s nice being able to watch a film at home and pause it whenever you want, though!!

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