Many of our followers are FOSS people, but for those who are not, WhatsApp now insists you share data with Facebook or delete the app. I say delete the app AND Facebook. We use on the farm, private, secure, open source!

@GoatsLive I recently recommended Signal and Threema as alternative to WA to relatives and I failed again. People are not even interested in or not even want to give it a try. It‘s so frustrating... 😬 🙄

@vondralbra Remind them of the face that WA and Facebook are sharing their private data with 3rd party businesses, and who knows where their info goes from there! (I know, some people just don't get it)

@GoatsLive I did... They don‘t care... During Christmas I read „Mindf*ck“ from Christopher Wylie (the whistleblower from Cambridge Analytica). If you see the involvement of Facebook and it‘s data things become even more terrific.

@vondralbra @GoatsLive A lot of people are going to be like this because they rely on convenience so much. People also like to be part of something instead of being different. I have a couple people on signal, but if they aren't on it I just message them elsewhere that not fb related

@Flipsoi5 @vondralbra Yes indeed, that's all you can do. I went so far as to put in a BBS server, totally private, on one of my servers, so our family can share photos, chats, and a family calendar, on their desktops and laptops with each other and not the rest of the world!

That's a good idea also. Signal is actually pretty good with media now compared to before.

@Flipsoi5 @GoatsLive I can also recommend a private Nextcloud instance - it‘s really cool!

@GoatsLive what data specifically? Very difficult to get people to switch !

@albino_squirrel Everything you put on their messenger, including your phone number and they also harvest all your contacts. The ARS link explains it all pretty well.

@GoatsLive missed the link sry,thanks! I guess blocking permissions to address book etc.. can only get you so far 😓

@GoatsLive Yet, Jack (CEO Twitter) endorses Signal... not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

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