I know it's still warm in , but boy when I looked at my weather on my Linux task bar, I was taken aback!

A lovely line of goat on the bench, on a sunny yet still cool morning. It was a nice day to mow!

Violet looks into the camera this morning, and pleads for sunshine. It's been almost 3 full days of continuous in our part of this week.

Very violent thunderstorm overnight kept most of us awake and the goats in their house. Waiting for daylight to assess damage. Likely just some tree limbs down. Ah summer in

Our barn cat Mouse, enjoys the shade under the hammock on a warm afternoon.

National Weather Service has a line of strong storms headed to and it will likely be here around lunch time. Sorry goaties, it's going to get soggy out!

Heavy fog this morning gives the appearance of snow this Christmas before the sun comes up. It's how we do Christmas in

In a repeat of last week, we will be seeing rain all night tonight, and heavy rain with flooding, lightning, and high winds all day tomorrow. Sorry little goats, that's life in

We are expecting some very rough weather this evening, including high winds, lightning, and heavy rain. Tornadoes possible as well. We'll keep streaming live as long as it's safe to do so, and our generator is ready to go if we need it. Thanks for watching!

Good morning everyone, happy Thursday morning! We start the day very very cold for !

With the current temps in at 33°C/91°F it is no surprise that goats and humans are taking it easy today!

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