After 2 days of cold and cloudy weather, the goats are happy to have found a sunbeam to warm themselves in!

After our run today, Rose was limping a bit, so I put her in the stanchion to check her hooves and joints. Ended up doing a quick hoof trim on both goats, and Rose is walking well again.

Girls had a good run today. Rose had to stop and say hello to Patsy when we let them out of their pen

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Sunday!

This week, Rose tries hard to get to the cookie container on the other side of the fence!

Rose pushed the grooming table over to her house, then stood on the table so she could rest her front hooves on top her house; all to try and eat some leaves! Cleaver goatie!

Goats had a good run in the yard today, and Rose enjoyed reaching for some fresh oak leaves!

Happy Sunday everyone! In this week's happy goat video, the goat's human rakes out the pen from his wheelchair

It rained all night last night, but that didn't stop Violet from getting a midnight snack!

Good little goats go to bed after a busy day. Rose is doing her double front leg dangle off the throne, and reminds you that the weekend is almost here, just get through tomorrow!

This time of year as temperatures drop, lizards and geckos like to warm themselves on the cameras. This makes keeping our live video feed a challenge in the morning!

Happy Sunday everyone!
This week, we get caught in a rain storm while out on our afternoon walk in the yard.

Our neighbour is burning a pile of tree limbs and brush in his burn pit. The goats were NOT very happy about the flames so close!

For Halloween:
3 birds in this shot. 2 crows and Patsy the chicken. Can you find them all? *(the crows enjoy watching the goats as much as many humans do!)

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Sunday! Hope the weekend is going well for you.

This week, the goats play-fight in their pen.

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Friday! Weekend is coming!

Crows got an early start this morning pestering the goats, as Violet stares one down on the deck.

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