@checkervest It's on Amazon Prime pretty cheap. The DVD is quite expensive as it's out of print now.

@checkervest Oh my, you need to go find it fast! It's got a bit of everything genre wise.

@checkervest In my top 10. Currently watching Cary Grant's "People Will Talk" which is also in my top 10!

@snder Sorry, feel better soon! Stinks you have to work today...

Cut a couple oak branches for the girls to nibble on. I had to play referee to keep them apart, as Rose wouldn't let Violet eat hers in peace!

Went to sit down and pay some bills this morning, but our barn cat Mouse, refused to vacate the chair. (At least she wasn't asleep on the keyboard!)

@vondralbra I was bored one rainy afternoon when I got one of thsoe calls, and kept the guy on the phone over an hour before finally telling him I ran Linux. I don't mind being cursed out in a language I don't speak, boy was he mad! 😀

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Saturday!

@alex I've often had suspend and screen blanking issues, so I turn them and power saving off.If I'm not in front of my desktop, I just turn off the monitor.

@uoou Thanks for the follow!

Love your web page, it's delightfully retro, much like @lunduke who makes wonderful Linux vids.

Had my hands full tonight as the sun went down. Scratching two goats at once,

Rose at my right hand, Violet at my left!

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