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Rose uses the brush mounted in her house to scratch her own face, while waiting for the rain to end.

Now if only the puppy could rake leaves! 🤪

Rose, Violet, and Patsy all share the deck tonight as they wait the next band of rain to go through later.

Self hosted until gets their image posting problem fixed, just click the link below:

Goats had a nice wander in the yard today, but put themselves back in their pen after 30 minutes, as it's a tad warm out!

Self hosting the photo, so click the link if interested:

@Gargron Keep getting a Server Error 500 when trying to upload a new photo. Thanks!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Sunday. Hope you're getting some rest this weekend!

This week, Rose wanted face brushies, which is odd because she usually shuns them!

That was strange, anyone else get this? A refresh took me back to logging in and now it's OK though.

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Saturday! Hope you have a restful and happy weekend!

I know it's still warm in , but boy when I looked at my weather on my Linux task bar, I was taken aback!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Sunday!

This week, some slow motion head butting!

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Good morning everyone and goats, happy Saturday. Hope everyone has a restful weekend!

@pollomostro Happy weekend to you! Hope all is well on your side of the Atlantic.

Went out as a family to lunch. Don't get to do that too often, but had a nice ride and lunch. Goats behaved themselves while we were gone too!

Goats had a good wander in the yard today, with bit of head butting of course!

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