New #introduction as my previous instance died:

#Nuclear eng by education, software eng by job title. Expertise is in #c++ #java and #golang. I implemented #ActivityPub in Go. I enjoy #metal and #techno music. From #NC but live in #Zurich. I enjoy politics but not the current partisan BS. Avid fan of video games like #eve and #factorio but have little time to play. I enjoy #writing with #fountainpens and am learning #calligraphy. I like writing letters to my friends. I enjoy #scifi novels.


@cj Hey there, what sort of sci fi novels have you read recently?

@GodLivesUnderwater Hi! So far in 2018 the books I have read are (not all are sci fi):

- The Dispossessed (Le Guin)
- Catch 22 (Heller)
- Clockwork Orange (Burgess)
- Brave New World (Huxley)
- Stranger In A Strange Land (Heinlein)
- Three Body Problem (Cixin)

Currently reading The Dark Forest (Cixin), second in the trilogy.


@cj Awesome! What did you think of the Dispossessed?

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@GodLivesUnderwater I enjoyed it, which isn't surprising since I had a little more context of what to expect from Le Guin after reading Left Hand of Darkness (several years ago). I like seeing the cultures that are crafted and in particular I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of work that had obvious parallels to the communism vs capitalism politics of it's time without being Orwell-level blunt/bland/obvious. I really appreciate the exploration of different kinds of societies.

@cj Good to hear! I recently got it from my local book depot and I've been really looking foward to getting into it. And thats good to hear that its a bit more subtle politically because if I know anything about Ursula, its quite clear to see where she stands on communism vs capitalism :p

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