Just enjoyed watching @Goffi 's recent talk at #FOSDEM « #XMPP beyond instant messaging » and learned about on how rich is the variety of use cases on the federated protocol : ... blog, forums, events, tickets, P2P file sharing (photo albums, etc... ), merge requests, and much more ... !


@jordila it's great to see it has been useful. Thanks for the feedback!

Just watching these now. Getting excited about XMPP again. The beyond messaging talk was great.

@irl happy to see it was worthing doing this talk. Thanks for the feedback.

@Goffi It gave me the final push I needed to get an XMPP server set up for our local hackerspace, which is now running nicely. Unfortunately my TV was unable to decode the second video with some codec error so I haven't seen that one yet, but will hopefully watch on the PC later today.
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