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quick poll, we're thinking about changing the project name of "Salut à Toi" client, as it tends to be complicated for many people.

For the record it means "hi to you", and it's a reference to a song from a French punk band.names.

In the proposals, Sat is obvisouly the short version, without accent or weird uppercase.

Libervia is currently the name of the web frontend and could be used for the whole project.

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alright, so it seems that we'll be renaming to "Libervia". For a transition period we'll keep "Salut à Toi" in parenthesis next to Libervia. "Salut à Toi" stays the name of the French association linked to the project.

About the executables, for now we keep the same names, but we'll probably add aliases.

It's a bit a heartbreaking, I've been using "Salut à Toi" for more than 10 years, but it's not helping communication. Anyway we'll keep aliases with Salut à Toi and current executables names.

@Goffi Libervia is quiet unique, so it would make docs and info easier to find on $searchEngine. On the other hand, 'Sat' (which could be be confused for the abbreviation of Satellite) or 'Salut à toi' (multiple "everyday" terms, used as names for différent things including a song) are not, and $searchEngine ans forum search systems, depending on their (non-)effenciency, might show up with a lot of results that have absolutely no link to project and would make searching info a pain in the ass.

@devnull that's right, but when you search for `"salut à toi" XMPP` you usually see right results:"salut+à+toi"+XMPP

"sat" being short and indeed used as short for satellite, the results may not be so good.


Staying with the (more nihilist than punk) song themes: ÇPPM.

We could all refer to it as the ÇPPM #XMPP IM. Middle managers would love it.

(otherwise, “salut” might do it)

@0 yeah "salut" has been mentioned by somebody else today too. I'm not sure about it, it's similar to the "bonjour" protocol.


Bonjour is more respectful. 😜

But if you want to stay within that theme, #Quinva or #Kinva or #Qinva or similar could be an option (“quin va?” is #Gascon for “how's it going?”). Using #Occitan names works for #Airbus so why not you? 😛

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