#XMPP ers i've found this

'Matrix based', would there exist something similar for XMPP o may have i dreamed it ?

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@xmpp maybe 👆 @jcbrand mentions that would "definitely be possible to use Converse JS for something like that" (by means of hacking MUC functionality)... Other options via Libervia project are mentioned too.

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@jla @xmpp @jcbrand yes it would be definitely possible to do it with (and has already been considered, but lack of time and other priorities made it far down the list). I would use Pubsub and not MUC thought.

It would be fairly easy to make a page just for that to integrate in an iframe, and I don't think JS would be necessary.

I would be worried about SPAM thought, we are lacking tools to mitigate it at the moment. As always, it's a question of time and resources.

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I mentioned MUC in the context of quickly using Converse (which doesn't have general pubsub support) to embed comments in a page.

This is what I would have done if I wanted comments as quickly as possible with the least amount of work.

Converse supports moderation/deletion of MUC messages, edits, styling, URL previews and various other features that would fit well to comments.

Main task would be to embed it in the page and style it to look like comments.

@jcbrand @jla @xmpp sure I understand and using muc could make sense for single thread comments, as it would allow to see them out of the box on mobile clients.

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