I'm very interested in the XMPP -> ActivityPub bridge that @Goffi is working on.

I might look into adding microblogging to Converse so that I can join the fediverse from my #XMPP account.

To the extent that people participate in the #ActivityPub fediverse via (supporting) XMPP clients, it might even become feasible to have OMEMO E2EE encrypted posts, especially DMs.

AFAIK you'd still need XMPP to fetch a prekey (and device bundle) for the user you'd like to start an encrypted session with

@jcbrand note that the second part of the grant I'm working on is about . There is already work going on on this part by Syndace, python-omemo author.

@Goffi @jcbrand i've been curious how this is supposed to work with common ActivityPub / XMPP IDs so server admins can plan ahead.
(my JID is the same as my Fediverse name)


@psjbeisler @jcbrand as long as you have ascii only chars in your jid/actor handle, you can use the same. Problems arise when you have special characters, due to Mastodon limitations.

This is explained at repos.goffi.org/libervia-backe (I thought that I did write a blog post about it, but it seems that I didn't).

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