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Die Messenger-Matrix bietet einen Überblick über die verschiedenen (technischen) Merkmale diverser Messenger. 👇

Wenn jemand Updates hat, dann einfach hier nennen.


An alle Firmen, die meinen es wäre eine gute Idee, ihre Werbungen auf Youtube ununterbrechbar zu machen: ich gelobe, niemals eines eurer Produkte zu kaufen. ✋

Parametric modeling. So powerful and yet so difficult to wrap your head around when you come from non-parametric modeling. But if you're getting serious with machine parts or anything where precision is a key factor;- there is a point in time you simply can't avoid it anymore. And it is actually quite fun despite the learning curve!

Finally I had the time to switch the last two systems over to . Who knew I could literally "feel" the increased network performance compared to . Surprised me that this is still noticeable, even today.

Every device can be a Game Boy Advance if you try hard enough 🎮

Instead of paying 2k for a whole new door and window, because there are no replacement parts for frames and profiles that old; - why not something that get's the job done for under 5 €

TIL: Syncen mit mehreren Cloud-Providern + FTP + CIFS/SMB mit einem einzigen Tool und einer einzigen Config?

@veloren 🤔 Colored smoke from the chimney to find the house of a merchant quicker without using the map

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