Please add RSS reader support and ability to delete oldest roots.

Ifttt support would be awesome.

But can you move emails to and from with it? I had a look but couldn't find an import option. Besides isnt it a bit proprietary with locking emails in with a lesser known email provider which has no imap support to support moving emails between 1 system and another. You could have the most private secure email provider but if it doesn't work with your current setup. Then it's pointless until imap support is added.


Wondering if there is way for @fedilab to work with fediverse timeline unless it allready does?

The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android πŸŽ‰


Not Google play as well? Hope for a schedule post option also why a fixed storage limit? Would there be an option to delete oldest photos once we reach the storage limit?

Maybe if you add support so that people can integrate tuta into there tech systems, more people will switch

it will be the 1st time I have in quite a while because of but will stream on @Caffeine or @PlaydjTv on Saturday the 10th 21:00 UK time.

Today's the day! today on @Bandcamp where every helps support artists during use code GOLDMASTER to snag some discounts at goldmaster.bandcamp.com


As much as I prefer @Mastodon You should sincerely not sacrifice your health to make better.

how do i tell people how much better i feel not using the big social media sites?


using ifttt you can set a RSS applet that follows your mastodon RSS and whenever you toot, ifttt will post onto Twitter.


Well using @ifttt to read from @Mastodon to @twitter works just as well. Just watch out for character limit.

But protonmail has imap support and lack of imap is why I haven't switch from gmail. What's more secure, @Tutanota and imap or gmail? Using tutanota with imap is better than gmail.


As a Europe person I would be happy for this to happen, I would just make sure everyone uses also I won't have to worry about claiming usernames anymore.

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