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the fact the university refuses to acknowledge that these are problems is a damning indictment of university management and how little they care about students’ welfare, watch this space because we haven’t given up 👀

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The most terrifying killing machine in sci-fi history is back, just like it promised. Project Power’s Mattson Tomlin and legendary anime studio Production I.G are teaming up for an animated series set in the Terminator universe.

Very often I say DON'T SEND PHOTOS TO ME VIA and this is why thanks to @lifehacker@twitter.com buff.ly/33cc3l0

Can see is embracing thanks to the STONKINGLY good result of @SheffieldGreens@twitter.com

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Hartlepool is one of the poorest areas of England yet they vote Tory. What on earth is going on in England. Why would turkeys vote for Xmas.? Just don’t get it. I get Labour are just useless but the monster raving looney party would serve them better.

Hi @amuse_io@twitter.com I want to delete my account and have the royalties paid out. I have sent an email, but have not got a confirmation of response.

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I’m struggling to reconcile how people are looking at the Boris government and thinking they’ve done anything but a terrible, life-destroying job.

People are still voting for Brexit despite it being done.

hi @facebook@twitter.com please can you explain why you can add goldmaster to my facebook page? the username is available and I have a trademark for it. yet I keep getting you cant add as the username can only contain letters and numbers. Report No. 458265725274373

very good @soundcloud@twitter.com i have found AM 1984 - Mork by AM 1984 listen here 👉 ift.tt/2mCBZAR

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You’ll be pleased to know that I didn’t vote Tory today.

I thank you.

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If you're a tory voter please could you today - stay home, protect the NHS, save lives

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🌳 We've been campaigning across the city for many years, electing our first Cllr in 2004.

😉 Countless friends have joined us along the way, some for days - some for a decades!

🙏 Thanks to all, past and present, who have worked towards building a for Sheffield.

Will laugh if he wins by 5 votes

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Today is local elections day! 🌿

Please and to re-elect amazing Cllr @DouglasJSheff@twitter.com in City ward 🍉

Bring a pen or pencil with you if possible and a face covering if not exempt. 🖊️✏️

You don't need to have
a polling card if you are registered to vote 🙂

It's official✅ just added to on my own just in time for you can listen for free online and can download in format. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW FROM buff.ly/3nQCrKJ

@sigaard trouble with is that there is not allot of content here. It will happen,


But it's better to and 1st

Best of luck to @DouglasJSheff@twitter.com and all standing. Also best of luck to @ItsOurCitySheff@twitter.com lets bring to the masses

that explains why my site is down right now as per saying something is up. Don't worry. guess it all that

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@lieber_herring@twitter.com Hey! Unfortunately, we are facing some temporary issues atm. Our team is working on the resolution right now.

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