Burning my skin in the hot African sun. Burning my arm with a hot welding rod. Burning my eyes because welding is impossible with that silly helmet.
Burning some calories fixing security issues with my house.
Crime is a spark that seems to lead to some personal conflagration.

Been spending time catching up on the Kingdom Hearts storyline in preparation for my KH3 playthrough. After spending hours watching videos and reading about the plot I feel like I know less about it now than when I started.

Finally trying the new PS4 Spider-Man game, thanks to @defjamforcutie.
I'm about an hour or so into it and...

There are definitely things I like about the game, one massive frustration though.

She-ra is the exact amount of queer to make me incredibly happy. It's heartfelt, confident in it's message and just so pretty. It shows LGBTQ+ as something normal, common place even, and for that I have great respect. It's level of equal representation for all people is also well done. 10/10 will recommend She-ra on Netflix.

Everyone needs to watch the new She-ra on Netflix, it's absolutely awesome!

Being burnt out on isekai anime, I very nearly passed over one of the best anime series I've seen this year. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, is a freaking delight. I would recommend it to anyone looking for some wholesome anime to watch.

Turns out I really enjoy Monster Hunter... Who knew

Well, I suppose if you nag me enough I'll do what you ask... It's time for me to play Monster Hunter. (@chippitsaur )

"You may be the most important brick, in the least important wall; but really you're just a bit of something on a bit of something else. Its important to realize this before expecting anything better" - The Unfixable Thought Machine by David Firth


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