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Just released fragmental on stream. Its a fun local multiplayer twin stick shooter. Would really appreciate a retoot or two. :)

my entire day has been spent at about 30 degrees slouched in my chair. Work has been a draaaaaaaaaaaaag

The current project I'm working on is awful. It takes over an hour to compile with a cluster! 83 cores!

The worst part is it's not even a clean build, that's just me building after touching 1 header. It doesn't even have many dependencies... :|

Compiling a clean UE4 takes less time. Makes me mad.

Finally light at the end of the tunnel for the plague I've contracted. I've been mildly sick for 3 weeks and extremely sick for the last week. But yeah, starting to feel human again. :D

Just another reminder that ABC DISGUSTING is HALF PRICE right now and proceeds will be donated to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico hurricane relief!

The Twitter app is appalling. Why does it run so freaking badly. :|

Oooo I'm super late. Oh well, not used to the times yet. :p

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Away from my computer atm but figured I'd repost the progress I made yesterday. Make a bit busier. :D

many people using beaker on here? It looks interesting but I'm kinda doubting there's much content on the p2p web

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