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Nepal has rejected new Indian map over Kalapani territory disputed since the Treaty of Sugauli signed by and British East India Company in 1816 which locates the Kali River as Nepal’s western boundary with India and makes no mention of ridgelines.

Is America Heading For A Systems Collapse?

It is a very realistic possibility that America might be heading towards a systems collapse. There are quite a few indicators adding weight to this highly probable event.

How Bolivians Defeated The

It is quite interesting to see how exactly Bolivians defeated the vaccine mandate set out by their authorities. The protests and roadblocks have finally yielded favorable outcomes in the country.

Djokovic Owned Biotech Firm Aims To Prevent From Infecting Human Cells Using Peptide Therapy


A major lawsuit has been filed against , Adar Poonawala and the Indian government alongside several health officials for the death of a 23 year old young adult following the vaccination.

A rare spinal cord condition is amongst ’s adverse side effects, acc to EU drug regulatory authority. The committee who reviewed the data over a three day conference made a suggestion to vaccine manufacturers to add warning and spread awareness.

CIA Has Been Training Ukrainian Paramilitaries To Kill Russians

Acc to 5 former intelligence and national security officials has been overseeing secret training program for Ukrainian special operations forces and intelligence operatives since 2015.

Builds 27 Empty Cities

China has actually managed to build New York cities and not just one, but a staggering 27 empty ones. This by no means is an ordinary feat.

A heartbroken Toronto dad testified that the killed his son. The cause of death remained “unascertained” as per reports, but the still grieving father was convinced about what actually took his son away from him.

A new US Infrastructure law has made the installation of backdoor vehicle mandatory by the year 2026 & decision about whether vehicle can be operated will be made by on which car's proprietor or driver has no influence.


Chinese spies stole monoclonal antibody treatment among other secret methods from the US back in 2015. What this means is that even before COVID-19 broke out officially, atleast the US and China were already working on its treatment.

We Want To Be There For People As Friend And Helper: 600 Austrian Police Demand Govt To Cancel Mandate


Shocking statistics from the Public Health Scotland report show that the fully vaccinated are more likely to die from than the unvaccinated.


Despite the fact that was recognized as reason of mortality by doctors, the life insurer refused to cover vaccine death claiming that the victim, a rich entrepreneur took part in an experiment at his own risk.

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