Me @ age 23, my first time in NYC
V serious about being photographed...

Can we stop teaching kids that sex and love are intrinsically linked? It seems like a weird attempt at/ step twords sex positivity, but it still falls way short. It's putting the morality in the wrong place. Instead of teaching that you should honor, respect, and value those you are sexually intimate with, it implies that sex without love is not meaningful or special. It implies that sex without love is inherently dishonest and disrespectful. It implies a whole lot of wacky stuff.

Chase Berggrun who wrote the before mentioned Dracula erasure poems is trans!

"This work was written at the same time its author had begun their own gender transition. As they were discovering and attempting to define their own womanhood, the narrator of these poems traveled alongside them."

Did I mention I'm here for this!!!

I'm sure ya'll have thoughts on this, so hit me.
The writer's tone is very strange and doesn't seem like they can decide exactly who their target audience is.
There were a few good points in it for me, but generally found the delivery a bit off putting, and the conclusion sort of glib even though it was meant to be hopeful.

Everything Is Broken – The Message – Medium medium.com/message/everything-

Resources for absolute beginnings to teach themselves web design? I need to build some new skillzzzzz.

Was wondering why the teen next to me at this coffee shop was being so overly friendly, and insisted on buying me a pastery, but sure enough they were here doing work with a wingnutty church, and really wanted to share their Jesus love with me. I enjoyed my conversation with them though. They were very open and sincere. They told me they wanted to study "International Missionary Cultures" in university. I quietly urged them to read up on Colonialism...just doing the lord's work over here...

I want to work for a public library so bad, its one of the few public resources I actually believe in and want to preserve, but I'm such a commitmentphobe, and am afraid of contracts that will restrict my freedom to travel.

Sexual violence 

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