Replace the word "men" here with simply "people" though I understand that those conditioned as male do tend to twords avoidant attachment styles, but this is an excellent article. After many heartbreaks I've come understood this within my own experience, but it's very comforting to have it layed out in this way.

For Men Who Desperately Need Autonomy | Dating Tips for the Feminist Man

This may sound counterintuitive...BUT... you literally can do nothing to change the world until you accept it for how it is.

"When language stops what are we thinking about?"
-Guan Xaio
English translation from Mandarin

I have a severe and inexplicable need to be covered in, and surrounded by this color. I have been collecting items in this color at an alarming rate. Am I going to become one of those eccentrics that live a completely monochrome life?

"do not think, either, that when I doubt, I am not also sensing right beside me, close enough to touch them, definite, indisputable things. Just as human sight is capable of taking in only one side of an apple, human speach cannot encompass any phenomenon in its total roundness."

-Czeslaw Milosz in a letter to Jerzy Andrezejewski

it's okay to have a complicated relationship to the male gaze

I need a room in for September-October 450€ max. Leads?

It's a longshot but, does anyone need a room, or know anyone that needs a room in from August 6 on through October or possibly November? I have a room I need to fill asap.

I Speak Music: Manipulating, Improvising & Composing with Vocals | Loop

"Stifled revulsion explodes into rebellion against necessity..."


If you suffer with suicidal ideation you can't stay alive for yourself - you do it for others.

If you have ADHD then positive social interactions are rewards for tasks and hobbies, you may not be able to maintain motivation just for yourself.

If you have trauma from childhood then you're going to need external reassurance whilst you learn to trust others.

It's okay for other people to be the main motivator in your life. We're social animals.

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