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there are people out there who like, browse and post in the imgur community, and that just blows my fucking mind

"In Fort Zombie, players are trapped in the small town of Piety, Indiana. Organize and build a defense shelter from an impending wave of undead. Choose a building to be your Fort and forage for Food, Weapons, Supplies and People."
RT Fort Zombie got a store page

RT Draculas ranked by scariness:

1. Dracula driving a coffin-themed hot rod
2. Dracula travelling on foot
3. Dracula driving a normal sedan

RT capitalism & fascism are a match made in hell

times are tough out there. everybody needs a side hustle.

me? i write erotic fiction for the sensual & horny libertarian demographic.

😏 📕 💋 🐍 😏 📕 💋 🐍

CW sensual images to inflame the passions & stir the loins.

"Why isn't anyone on Mastodon?"

*Remembering the ten thousand different instances people made for the same dozen fucking people*

"Oh! "


[very Roy Batty's soliloquy voice]

i've seen Leader Obelisk eating star beans off the shoulder of Orion. laserforks glitter by Tannhauser Gate...

wkae up turn on toot app, people posting birbsite drama caps in my federated TL timeliiineee

‪the hours of 1pm - 5pm? garbage. throw em in the trash imo ‬

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