It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an Animal Crossing Pocket Camp pic. I put up a stage and the animals are putting on a tap dance show

The kittens needed some enrichment. They spent a half hour following a wind up chick around, dancing around it, and taking passing swipes at it. So much fun!

I was going to tidy the house this afternoon, but somekitten had other plans for me. Who am I to argue?

Many cats run away from thunderstorms, Lexie runs to the window to watch

What a beautiful commute this morning. Gorgeous sunrise in my rear view mirror and mist rising from the ground in front of me.

Friday the 13th 

My morning is brighter for playing hide ‘n seek with a one year old that came for a visit

I was not expecting rainy weather this morning


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Shadow girls, shift
into the light; movements,
all graceful and bright;

Your laughter flows
above the flames, stars
and moon know your names;

The house-light gleams,
the curtain, drawn; the stage
is set upon the lawn

Shadow girls, sway
as daylight fades; we're drawn
to dance; this world in play

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Hearing some curlews flying overhead early today, we went on an outing this morning to a local wildlife area, only to find that there was no water in it for some reason. (That's Sacramento in the distance in the panoramic sketch below). Still, there were some nice sunflowers amidst the dried grasses on the refuge.

#mastoart #inkandwash #sketching #flowers #watercolor

Listening to The Doors reminded me of my friend who was obsessed with them. When my friend started his own band in high school, I would walk over and hang out during practice

Felt like traveling old school today with music from The Doors

Found a bee on some purple loosestrife during my walk today.

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