I usually don’t post memes here, but a friend sent this to me and I thought my fellow poetry friends would find it amusing

@Grey_Ghost Haha, now I have the Canyonero theme from the Simpsons stuck in my head, but also pared down into a haiku??

Truck with four wheel drive
Smells like steak, seats thirty five
Oh, Canyonero

@erinbee 😆 love it! I’m going to be singing that all day tomorrow in my head and smiling

@erinbee @Grey_Ghost "Simpsons haiku" should be it's own genre

Little extra spice
Who put the spring in Springfield?
Maison Derrière


driver all alone
riding in that subaru
has no poetry

Thanks to you and your friend for sharing the image.

@Grey_Ghost Now that's a car I could get behind!

(Mostly because it'd be so wide, it'd be impossible to pass it on the road)

@Grey_Ghost don't talk to me or my seat or my seat or my seat or my seat or my seat or my seat or my seat or my seat or my seat or my seat


Wow! I am awestruck
A car as wide as the road
That is one wide boi

joke explainer 

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