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"Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilization."
--Peter Kropotkin

Now they're boosting Bellingcat?

JFC.. HIGNFY and The News Quiz might as well have straight up paid propagandists embedded in the writing teams.

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@Grimeandreason another joke about Labour being anti-Semitic.

Studies have been done showing the lies perpetuated in the press over this. Academics have signed letters condemning the smears, and quality and extent of the press coverage on it.

So glad our prime time BBC satirists are happy to repeatedly normalise those smears.

Seriously, when did satire become joking about the news, rather than joking about power?

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Couldn't make it up.

New series of , and the very first intro joke is about Corbyn being dismissive of "the" Jewish community.

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RT “The aggressive penetration of imperialist transnational corporations, particularly in the ex-colonial world, began after the Bretton woods treaty of 1944. World capitalist powers setup new financial and trade institutions like the IMF, World Bank and...”


How the fuck is a dude in the 1600's still ahead of our time, now, in the 21st century?

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"Charities and NGOs should be radically anti-neoliberal by now"
via @Grimeandreason

[This is what the capitalist bullshit of "balanced ownership" means: a two-tier system where one class gets paid (by the state or corporations) and a lower class picks the breadcrumbs, as always]

I might be about to start work for the Thursford Christmas Spectacular again soon. That would make it four seasons in a row, and after each of the last three I said goodbye to everyone assuming I'd be in the US with my wife and kid soon. They're gonna be gutted for me seeing,e walk in again!

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Fuck. Just turned on 102 minutes that changed the world just as the second plane hit. That footage and those screams haven't got any easier with time.

In fact, it's like knowledge of what happened next has only magnified the horror.

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Person: Hi

Me: free will is an illusion created and perpetuated by neoliberalism for the purpose of maintaining a society in which, for all intents and purposes, free will does not exist

@Grimeandreason "the centre", neoliberalism, is simply one of two long-time power holders in the UK, stretching back centuries. The other is the right.

The Left have never had a revolution, or power, here. The only actual bottom-up revolts we've had failed, & came before "the Left" was even a thing.

Left and right ain't fringes. The centre & the right are competing partners in power, & the Left are popular insurgents trying to do what liberalism has only pretended to since the mid 19thC.

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Hugo Rifkind has made the astonishing observation that only Corbyn supporters are supporting Corbyn.

Christ is pathetic political commentary. The entire notion of left and right being fringes, of neoliberalism being moderate and centrist, is a total fucking fantasy only visible from the ignorant, narrow perspective that is, was, the status quo.

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I'm involved in an app called Wobbly that will help workers to mobilize according to #IWW principles.

The founder @KingMob has himself been a Deliveroo courier, and his experiences sparked the idea for the app.

We seek to make the app into a multistakeholder coop when it's launched.

Everyone is welcome to join our discord group (, also feel free to message me.

We're looking for a #graphicdesigner, so please retoot!

Here's an article about it:

@Grimeandreason neoliberalism is liberalism becoming the functional equivalent today of the Ancien Regime then. We've been through the full cycle of liberalism being a revolutionary force, to its betrayal of ideals, to its eventual global dominance not once, but twice, with a period of madness between, to being a crumbling facade of every-man-for-himself collapse in the face of immeasurable & irresistible social forces.

We need an equivalent change, soon, but I don't think they'll accept it.

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If the real strands of political power, revolution, and counter-revolution of the last two hundred years were better taught and linked together, we'd be so better placed to progress from this bullshit.

The west has obscured the selfish half-measures of liberalism, instead positing it as the standard bearer of enlightenment ideals that have legitimately resided within the left since the mid-19thC.

It's left millions ignorant of the fact that by neoliberalism it's full-on counter-revolutionary.

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