Twitter is also unstable for me rn lol. that's fine I shouldn't be on twitter anyways

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1) yeah ok, that's how it goes
2) uh huh ok that sounds good
3) oh there it is *into the trash*

These Asian ASMR cooking videos make me feel like I'm in a horror film. Delicious delicious horror film

Tumblr is DOWN

yeah this is probably the first you heard of it cuz no one goes there anymore except me

I'll wait until @Aros comes back from war and tell me about that crosspost service so I can stop the cross posting

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since I don't remember how to turn off cross posting, I guess I'll just let the judgement come as they will

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I've been told my twitter cross post is in bad taste and is no in the spirit of Mastodon so I'm turning it off I guess.

If I remember HOW

Lawful Gay Neutral Gay Chaotic Gay

Lawful Bi Neutral Bi Chaotic Bi

Lawful het Neutral het Chaotic het

god fell down Game Grump's 10 mins Power Hour hole for the last few days and it's been him catching up and I equal part wants to shame him and also I'm so happy for him

Every single time I make taco rice bowl from left over taco meat I always forget that my food portion double in size because of all the taco fixins I put in it and IT IS ALWAYS A DELICIOUS MISTAKE

I've himbo'd

Grisbull is now his own character apart from The Gris-brand. His name is Rocko and he's a dumb himbo and I love him

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oh shit Judgement comes out on PS4 in 5 days!

I know some of y'all just finished highschool, but like leave the highschool shit behind.

It's ok. You're free now.

You can't pronounce Renegade without saying GAY

Oh I see. Giorgio Moroder is involved. no wonder it's so catchy

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