THIS is the real problem of the Fediverse. Ignorant people who think that there are two types of opinions: their own and wrong.

I really hope this person won't hurt development a lot.

First we talk about how it is bad to implement censorship in the internet. After we implementing censorship to the opinion different from ours...

You know... I'm fckn scared... I thought open-source folks understand censorship danger really well. But it turns out they are no different from those RKN guys, that are OK with blocking everything that is different from the party line...

@Groosha Да забей на комми-идиотов. Сами себя хоронят. КонниДак там ничуть не лучше

@sunchaser он хотя бы пишет крутое приложение, а не языком треплет, рассуждая об устройстве мира

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