Periodic reminder to move your free software projects out of Microsoft GitHub.

Here's my collection of public free software hosting sites.

Self-hosting a Gitea instance is also a good option if you have a server.

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@njoseph I remember when MS acquired GitHub lots of people started crying "move from GitHub, MS will kill it!"

So, it's been several months already. Github is much better than before. Why should I move from it?

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@Groosha @njoseph all along, including long before m$ buying it, githu8 has been a centralized service, running proprietary server software and proprietary JS, promoting the view that "0pen s0urce" is just for convenience and profit and ignoring software freedom, and its development decisions are made by an entity whose primary motivation is money, profit, popularity, control.

If you stopped using githu8, possibly you'd find yourself missing stuff you had there, feeling separate and disconnected. Even if you convinced your friends to join you, you'd be separate from that big group of githu8-only users. And you'd wonder how to create a connected developer community while using free-as-in-freedom decentralized and community oriented tools. How to upgrade back to freedom, back to a by-the-people-for-the-people healthy structure, a culture where the practice comes before the profit.I wondered too, and that's why I'm working on #ForgeFed.

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