Also had a fun night yesterday, some drinks with the mates.

It seems to be getting hotter every second in here.

I dont know If there are any football lovers on here, but I for one am stoked for the Manchester v/ Ajax game tonight.

So per august i'll be moving to the lovely Groningen for my study and right now i'm on the hunt for a nice room in a student complex. Finding a suitable space is hard af.

Any suggestions as to what music I should be listening to right now?

My stomach is making sounds that make me think of an 80's trash metal band.

If there is a fart in the woods and there is nobody to smell it is it even a fart?

Good music whilst designing a corporate identity. Gotta love the job.

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It seems to be another beautiful and warm summery day. Unfortunatly i'll be inside all day.

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In the last week I've seen people refer to Ocarina of Time as "the first Zelda game" and Metal Gear Solid as "the first Metal Gear" and I really want to staple them to a NES.

Watched all the Alien movies, now it's time for Prometheus and after that im ready to wander off to the cinema to watch Covenant.

So far so good, really liking the graphics.

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