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Smash that MF snooze button if you like what you see and you can unlock some exclusive bonus content (more sleepin’)

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discourse / serious opinion about the toot place 

this place owns when its much more informal and eager and nobody is trying to build or maintain a 'brand' and uses it like a big goofy leftist chat room

show me your pets and tell me about your day :)

It's 5:30am, baby!!! Whomst tf is strugglin to sleep???

i honestly couldn't even imagine doing something cool. how do you even get started? how do i know which cool thing is for me?

interesting to think about

if young metro don't trust you, im gonna toot

Me, to you, while trying to look over a wall so I can see more toots: hey, gimme a boost

In completely unrelated news, one of my favorite bagel places literally fucking exploded today.

Please be patient with me while I navigate this difficult time in my life.

Alright everyone, you know what to do! Help me get this dog!!!

I know were all having fun here, but I feel like I should let you all know that "toot" actually doesn't just mean "post."

It has another, different meaning. And it means something that's actually really gross.

Almost at 100 followers which, when converting Mastodon followers to Twitter followers, is enough to start a podcast.

Alright, I'm ready. Let the infighting begin.

Tootdon (the disgusting app I have never and will never use)
Tusky (the app I have only used for 12 hours and am now willing to die for.)

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Remember how twitter kind of spent and entire day talking about mayonnaise?

We Don't Do That Here.

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